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Don't you see the benefits your abilities could have? - I only see my nightmares

My dreams are confusing.

Angela Shaw
24 May
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Dr. Suresh: Einstein said, the life of the individual has meaning...
Angela: ...only in so far as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.
Dr. Suresh: You've read Einstein!
Angela Shaw: No. I just dreamt that you would say that.
- "1961" - Heroes

Background: Angela Shaw is the eldest daughter of what seems to be a normal, middle class family. Not much has been said about her parents, though it is revealed later that her father, at least, has an ability to create seismic bursts. However, it seems unlikely that Angela knew about her father's ability, as her own apparently takes everyone by surprise, as does Alice's later.

Sometime in her early teens, Angela starts to dream prophetic/clairvoyant dreams. These are horrible for her as they are generally nightmares that have the added horror of coming true. However, like Cassandra before her, when Angela tries to tell people about these dreams, no one believes her, and thus she is doomed to dream of horrible things in the future that she is powerless to prevent. In 1961, her parents take her to Coyote Sands, where a camp has been set up for people with "special" problems. While Angela notes the prevalence of armed guards around the camp and starts to get a bad feeling about the whole place, she meets Chandra Suresh, who assures her the guards are there for their protection. When she and her younger sister, Alice, settle into their barracks--separated from their parents--they meet Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman and Charles Deveaux. Charles and Angela bond pretty quickly, starting to flirt, and Angela assures Alice that the doctors will fix her nightmares. Alice, at first doubtful, calms down, and the weather, which had gotten stormy, clears. We find out later that Alice also has an ability--the weather responds to her mood--but at the time, Angela just sees it as a sign that they were right to come to Coyote Sands. Only weeks later does Alice confess that she is able to control the weather, showing Angela as she makes it snow in the desert. Angela cautions her to keep it a secret and not let Dr. Suresh know.

Angela's nightmares just keep getting worse, however, and the boys are far less convinced that the camps are beneficial. Charles tries to convince her that the camps are like the concentration camps the Nazis interred the Jews in, but she won't believe him. However, Angela has a dream that Chandra Suresh is going to kill everyone, and though he assures her that he's only there to help, her bad feeling grows. In May of 1961, Charles, Daniel and Bob convince Angela that they need to escape the camp. Angela lies to Alice to get her to stay behind, because the boys say they can't take her--she's too young--and they'll get help and come back for her. They four escape the camp, but Chandra comes for Alice. Remembering what Angela said about him killing everyone, Alice panics and causes a storm, which she escapes into. Alice runs to her father, with Chandra chasing her, and Mr. Shaw throws Chandra back with a seismic burst. The guards see this as an attack and shoot him down, killing him. In Alice's panic, grief and horror, the storm escalates to something unnaturally vicious and devastating, and the guards also panic and open fire on the other residents, killing all of them, including Angela and Alice's mother, as well. Angela and the boys see a news report of the storm from the cafe in town where they've stopped, and Angela, knowing it's Alice, insists on rushing back, but they're too late. Heartbroken and furious, she declares that they are never going to allow this to happen again, that they are going to do whatever it takes to protect people like them. Bob protests that they're just kids and Angela tells him that they aren't anymore, and that they are going to do whatever it takes.

Angela enters hearts_andminds from the point of seeing the storm on the radio and rushing out of the cafe to try and get back to Coyote Sands and her sister.

Personality: Unlike her adult self, Angela is still hopeful that she can have a good life, a happy one. She's a caring sister, protective of Alice, trying to shield her both from her ability, and from the consequences of Alice's own--protecting her from Dr. Suresh, and discovery. Angela often tries to make things seem less bad than they are for Alice's sake, striving to make her sister feel safe, taking on a maternal role when they are separated from their parents. She's still a young girl, though, easily charmed and flustered by the handsome Charles Deveaux. She's sad about missing prom, and not being able to go on dates, and missing out on things that other sixteen year old girls get to do. She wants to be normal, wants to be rid of her nightmares, only feeling the terror of them and with a child's blindness not seeing the gift they could be--and how could she when no one believes her when she tells them the future, anyway? Yet, she's determined, too, with a will of iron and some of who she will become shows through. She's willing to be defiant, to speak her mind, and when push comes to shove, to lie and manipulate even her beloved sister to do what she thinks is best for her family--something she'll do for her sons quite often later in life. When tragedy strikes, at least partly because of her decision, she immediately takes the extreme route. Whether she dreamt the Company or not, she emerges as the leader over the three boys, setting out the plan for their new Company, willing even at sixteen to see killing, lying, covering things up, manipulating people's minds as necessary evils. There's a mixture of pragmatism and innocence that wars in her, and knowing who she'll become, it's easy to see the seeds of it, but the innocence is still there at sixteen, and that's a sort of heartbreaking thing in and of itself to watch it start to crack and then shatter.

Update: After a year in the village, with most of the friends she's made coming from the 21st century, Angela has adapted somewhat to a more modern demeanor and dress (as reflected, then, in more modern icons). She is a teenager, after all, and getting teased at school for not fitting in is no fun, so she's worked to learn how they speak and dress and act. This tends to give the other Heroes muses who know who she is mild fits, but it's sort of here for an FYI for anyone going, "...o.O?" who might come across her in play and not realize the reasons for the modernization/development in that direction. Trust me, it gives her adult self fits in her mun's head, as well. ...Especially the participation in Roller Derby. >.>

Physical Description: 5'5", long brown hair, brown eyes, very pretty. Dresses like a good girl, conservatively, most of the time, though the freedom of the village might go to her head a bit.

OOC Note: Except for hearts_andminds, unless otherwise noted as a specific RP 'verse that doesn't carry over, this is the younger journal for oncewasadreamer so "canon" here can be considered to apply to that journal, as well.

Disclaimer: Angela Shaw is a fictional character from Heroes, and as such is the property of Tim Kring, NBC and various others who are not me. She is portrayed by Alexa Nikolas, who I am not either. This journal is for fic writing, RP and entertainment purposes only.