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[Meme] Five Things

List the top five ideas/concepts/etc you keep in mind while writing the character that you believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

1. She's going to grow up to be Angela Freakin' Petrelli. Seriously--this is one I have to keep that in mind a lot, because she's got the seeds of that in her--she can scheme, she can manipulate, and she's already on a bit of a darker path, she's not all sweetness, and really not that innocent anymore.

2. Her nightmares are extremely traumatic for her. Angela tells Peter that they are what changed her from being like him into who she she's become as an adult.

3. Family is exceptionally important to her. 45 years after losing her sister, she's still stealing socks in her memory. She'll force Sylar into being Nathan just so as not to lose her son. She poisons her husband for attacking Nathan. Her children are everything to her, even if she has a strange way of showing it--and that same fierceness is present in her at 18.

4. She is still only 18, so all of the shadows aren't quite there, yet. She's still growing, still learning, and some things are tempered by the fact that she's got a much different support system in the village/in Cardiff than she did back home.

5. While it's arguable that Adult!Angela will fully embrace her ability, Angie just wants to be a normal teenage girl, doing normal teenage girl things.