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[Meme] Five Things

List the top five ideas/concepts/etc you keep in mind while writing the character that you believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

1. She's going to grow up to be Angela Freakin' Petrelli. Seriously--this is one I have to keep that in mind a lot, because she's got the seeds of that in her--she can scheme, she can manipulate, and she's already on a bit of a darker path, she's not all sweetness, and really not that innocent anymore.

2. Her nightmares are extremely traumatic for her. Angela tells Peter that they are what changed her from being like him into who she she's become as an adult.

3. Family is exceptionally important to her. 45 years after losing her sister, she's still stealing socks in her memory. She'll force Sylar into being Nathan just so as not to lose her son. She poisons her husband for attacking Nathan. Her children are everything to her, even if she has a strange way of showing it--and that same fierceness is present in her at 18.

4. She is still only 18, so all of the shadows aren't quite there, yet. She's still growing, still learning, and some things are tempered by the fact that she's got a much different support system in the village/in Cardiff than she did back home.

5. While it's arguable that Adult!Angela will fully embrace her ability, Angie just wants to be a normal teenage girl, doing normal teenage girl things.
Just don't give up
I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in
I won't let you down
It messed me up
Need a second to breathe
Just keep comin' around
Hey, whataya want from me

Adam Lambert ~ "Whataya Want From Me?"

She'd gone to wake her up, and found an empty room. Empty bed, empty room, empty closet, empty everywhere. No sign in there that the little girl had ever been there. For a long while, all Angela could do was stare, not able to process so much empty space. A crazy thought hit, stumbling and tripping through her head, that everything had all been a dream, that none of it was ever real and she was just inside one of her nightmares. She'd made up a family to replace the one she'd lost and one by one, she was losing them, too.

She nearly tripped over her feet running back to her room, but the picture was still there in a frame that matched the other, parallel images watching each other across the expanse of her dresser. From one silver frame she stood proud between her parents, hand resting on Alice's shoulder, and smiled a black and white smile across the polished wood at the girl in the other frame who nestled in glorious color between Nathan and Mohinder, with Molly snuggled close next to her.

All real, at some point, in some place in time, in some moment in her head. And all gone. All taken. All lost.

Both frames hit the opposite wall, one after the other, glass shattering with crystalline tones.Collapse )

[MBS] 81.9 Young Lust

Angie didn't know what to call the awakening shivers of need for something as yet undefined that Edgar's touch set off inside of her, but she was determined that one way or another she was going to figure it out.

[MBS] 74.4 Adrenaline

Caught in the web of nightmares of things to come back home, Angela was delighted to find the fog of fear fade in the push of skates on the rink, the thrill of the chase, and the racing beat of her heart that made everything she was running from disappear, if only for a little while.

You Are Fear

You may not feel afraid, but the emotions you express are those driven by fear.
This doesn't mean you're a wimp, but it does mean that you have a well honed sense of survival.

It's possible that you overreact to danger without realizing it. You worry easily.
Try to stop yourself whenever you feel dread, panic, or anxiety. Those are just ways of feeling fear.

[WM] 118.2.A - Paracelsus Quote

"Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?" - Paraclesus

Santa Clara, August 1961

"I'll just be a minute," Angela called over her shoulder to the two men--or well, man and boy--standing in line up the Boardwalk a bit, waiting for ice cream.

Adam raised a hand in acknowledgment. Daniel didn't even respond, and Angela had to smile, even as she pushed into the dim little shop. A necklace in the window had caught her eye, and she wanted a closer look. Something else pulled at her, but she couldn't put a name to it, and after a moment she didn't try to. Pushing her sunglasses up on her head, she let them ease back the few strands that had escaped the loose bun she'd twisted her hair into for the day at the beach. The shop was cool in direct contrast to the heat outside, and she pulled the cover-up she'd tugged on over her bikini a little closer around her. Her mother would have had a fit that she was wearing a bikini at all, instead of something more modest, but her mother was dead, and she was trying, a little desperately, to look older, hoping a certain someone would notice.

She wasn't sure if it was working or not, but Charles and Daniel certainly seemed appreciative.

They'd run into Adam Monroe while working to cover up the disaster at Coyote Sands. The fact that he knew who they were, what was going on there, and the intimate details of what had happened there--details that seared Angela's heart deeper than she'd let on to anyone--frightened them at first. Charles was furious that one of them could have been in the position Adam held, but once Adam had revealed his ability, had explained his reasons, had helped them with their cover-up and given them some guidance, even Charles started to come around. When Angela dreamed of him and the influence he'd have in their path, that seemed to clinch it. Daniel and Bobby had been relieved, falling in line behind the immortal almost immediately, grateful to have a grown-up in charge. And she'd...she'd developed the worst crush. Not that she was admitting that to anyone, but she saw the hurt of the knowledge of it in Charles' mind and it stung her with pellets of guilt she didn't want to acknowledge.

"Can I help you?" The voice broke through her reverie, causing her to drop the cameo she'd picked up and was lightly running her fingers over.

"Oh, I'm sorry..." Kneeling to pick it up, Angela was too flustered to take in the shop owner for a moment, though when she'd retrieved the jewelry and did, she couldn't help taking a small step back.

The woman was tall, at least six feet. Her skin was whiter than any Angela had ever seen, and her hair blacker. With lips the color of blood, she called to mind the description of Snow White, except for the air of crystalline hardness she carried with her. It was impossible to pin an age on her. She could have been anywhere from 25 to 40. Her skin was perfect and unlined, but there was an age in her eyes that reminded Angela of Adam's in an uncomfortable way.

"I was just...I saw a necklace in the window...the amber one? I just wanted to look at it," she finally said, remembering her manners.

The woman smiled, though there was little comforting about it.Collapse )

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[MBS] Advent 24: Christmas

As much as she wanted to be grown up, Angela still found herself waking up early on Christmas morning, just as excited as Molly, and every bit as insistent that Nathan and Mohinder get up now.

[MBS] Advent 23: Celebrate

Angela wasn't quite sure what there was to celebrate this year until Nathan gave her the greatest gift anyone could have: the knowledge that she hadn't left her sister to die.

[MBS] Advent 22: Snowflake

As strange as it was to go from late spring to nearly Christmas time, when Angela let herself catch snowflakes on her tongue on her way home from the shop, she found herself laughing and not minding the change so much for once.

[MBS] Advent 21: Christmas Card

She didn't have very many to give out considering how few people she knew so far, but Angela nevertheless diligently worked on making each card special for the people who had been kind enough to take her in.